Fake Clinics, Real Stories: Expose Anti-Abortion Centers

Whether you’re seeking to become a parent or access an abortion or birth control, you deserve health care free from stigma, shame, or interference from politicians. You deserve the truth about your options and legitimate medical care. If you have visited an anti-abortion center (also known as a "crisis pregnancy center" or CPC), we would be grateful to hear your personal experience. 

If you are currently seeking abortion care, please visit abortionislegalinflorida.com to learn about your options and find legitimate abortion providers.

Why are we collecting stories?

  • To help warn others. Sharing local stories of these anti-abortion centers can help prevent others from visiting these deceptive non-medical facilities.
  • To inform our lawmakers. In 2023, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill giving $25 million a year to these anti-abortion centers. Lawmakers need to learn the truth about where taxpayer dollars are going and the harms perpetuated in their communities with this funding.
  • To hold anti-abortion centers accountable. Abortion is a safe personal medical decision, in fact it’s 14 times safer than giving birth, and any reason for seeking abortion care is valid. Sharing misinformation about health care options is not only unethical, but dangerous. Help us to expose these anti-abortion centers by sharing your story.
  • Privacy is our priority. We know that right now in the U.S., privacy concerns are highly warranted around experiences involving pregnancy and abortion. No identifying information will ever be shared without your explicit consent. 
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