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Help Us Build A Stronger Progress Florida For 2015

Our network of supporters throughout the state forms the backbone of Progress Florida. As 2015 fast approaches, it's important we know more about what issues are most important to you and how you prefer to interact with us so we can build better, more effective campaigns.

This survey should take you around three minutes. Thanks for your input in helping us build a better organization, and let's keep up our fight to move Florida forward!

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    Better Government Holding elected officials accountable, fighting for transparency, stronger ethics laws, etc.
    Budget Stopping corporate tax giveaways and loopholes, restoring cuts, etc.
    Economic Justice Working for a higher minimum wage, earned sick time, protecting retirement security, etc.
    Education Securing additional funding, fighting privatization and high stakes testing, etc.
    Election Reform Changing campaign finance rules, improving access to voting, etc.
    Energy Investing in renewable energy, holding the Public Service Commission accountable, etc.
    Environment Stopping fracking, protecting Amendment 1, etc.
    Health Care Implementing the Affordable Care Act, expanding access to health care, etc.
    Justice System Improving judicial diversity and access to courts, oppose prison privatization, etc.
    LGBT Ending employment discrimination, passing local human rights ordinances, etc.
    Municipal Elections Electing progressives to local office.
    Women's Health Stopping attacks on women’s access to reproductive health care, etc.
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