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Sign The Petition: Rick Scott Should Pay His Own Legal Fees

"Our governor has violated our constitutional right of access, and we're paying for him to defend himself for violating our rights."
- Barbara Petersen, President, First Amendment Foundation

Gov. Scott has made the unprecedented move of sticking taxpayers with at least $1.3 million in legal fees over disputes in which he was alleged to have violated Florida’s Sunshine Laws. We think it’s outrageous that Florida taxpayers should have to pay Gov. Scott’s legal bills while he snubs his nose at open government and circumvents public records laws.

Sign our petition below and demand mega-millionaire Rick Scott pay his own legal fees for skirting Florida’s Sunshine Law.

Petition to Gov. Scott's Office

We, the undersigned, demand Gov. Rick Scott pay all legal costs associated with his unlawful attempts to circumvent Florida's Sunshine Law.

Allowing the governor to use taxpayer funds to pay the costs associated with these violations sets a terrible precedent: it provides little incentive for elected officials to follow laws intended to preserve transparency and accountability in government.

We believe Gov. Scott’s use of taxpayer money to fight open government lawsuits is an affront to every Floridian.

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