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Tell The Senate Appropriations Committee: No Fracking In Florida

Big Oil's allies in the legislature are trying to prevent cities and counties from banning fracking. HB 191 and SB 318 would not only stop proposed bans going forward, but be retroactive and eliminate bans already in place. The fracking bill has passed the Florida House and is now in it's final committee in the Florida Senate: the Appropriations Committee.

Take action by signing the letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee below and urge senators to reject SB 318. Communities should be able to protect their land and water from fracking.

Letter To The Senate Appropriations Committee

Dear Senators, 

We the undersigned urge you to vote no on SB 318 which would deny local communities the ability to ban fracking.

There are many environmental and public health concerns linked to fracking. Gas that is leaked during the fracking process, along with the numerous toxic chemicals that are used, creates air pollution that increases global warming and is a danger to human health.

More than 1,000 cases of water contamination have been documented near areas of gas drilling as well as sensory, respiratory, and neurological problems. Florida's clean water supply, including the Florida Everglades, needs to be protected from pollution not subjected to additional polluters.

Cities and counties shouldn’t be prevented from protecting their citizens from the dangerous practice of fracking as they see fit.

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    Subject: No fracking bans allowed?

    We’re in the final stages of the fracking debate in the Florida Senate and the stakes are high. The dangerous pro-fracking bill SB 318 has arrived at its final stop in the Senate Appropriations committee before it goes to the floor.

    The Senate Appropriations Committee needs to know we’re watching: sign our open letter to the committee and urge them to stop fracking in Florida by voting NO on SB 318.

    The Florida House has already passed a pro-fracking bill that would strip cities and counties’ legal authority to ban this dirty, dangerous, and environmentally destructive drilling in their communities. Proponents of this irresponsible legislation argue that SB 318 is about regulating fracking, but that’s not true. Remember, cities and counties currently have the authority to ban fracking, and dozens have already done so. This bill would eliminate all of those existing bans, and prevent communities from banning fracking in the future.

    SB 318 has nothing to do with regulation and everything to do with trampling on the rights of local communities to protect their land and water.

    Sign the letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee and let them know Floridians strongly oppose fracking.

    The number of communities standing up against fracking grows every week. Most recently, Seminole County and the city of Palm Bay in Flagler County passed resolutions against fracking. Across the state, Floridians are making their voices heard and local governments are listening. Let’s make sure the Florida Legislature follows suit.

    Thanks for all you do to protect the Florida we love for future generations.

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