No Oil Drilling On Florida's Coast: Sign The Petition to Interior Secretary Zinke

President Trump has signed an executive order kicking off a process that could lead to drilling on Florida’s coast. Drilling poses a tremendous risk to our state’s environment and our tourism-based economy.

Sign the petition to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke today and say you oppose oil drilling in the South Atlantic Planning Region, which includes large swaths of Florida. We’ll submit these petitions to the Interior Department during their official public comment period on this issue.

Petition To The Interior Department

We the undersigned oppose any plan to open up the South Atlantic Planning Region to oil drilling. 

Offshore drilling is the slowest, dirtiest and most expensive way to generate energy. Opening our coasts to destructive drilling would do little to make us energy independent, but it would threaten our beaches with pollution and oil spills and could destroy our multi-billion dollar tourism and fishing industries.

We believe there's a much better way. Energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy like solar power will save consumers and businesses money today and protect our coastal waters, beaches, and economies for tomorrow.

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