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Gov. Rick Scott and his allies in the state legislature have been treating public school teachers like punching bags for years. From trimming public school budgets to pay for massive corporate tax cuts to siphoning tax dollars to unaccountable for-profit voucher and charter schools and from imposing a cookie-cutter curriculum based on standardized testing to tying teacher bonuses to their college entrance exam scores and attempting to weaken the voter approved class size measure – the list goes on and on.

Enough is enough! Sign our petition and let Florida’s school teachers know we’ve got their backs!

Stand With Florida's Teachers Petition

We the undersigned stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Florida's teachers. We're tired of seeing teachers used as punching bags in a cynical campaign to defund, demoralize, and ultimately privatize public education.

We will make phone calls, sign letters, march, rally, and more to ensure public school teachers are treated like the professionals they are and to ensure public education becomes a priority again in Florida.

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