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Sign The Letter to The Florida Legislature: Ban Fracking Statewide

Florida's delicate ecology and vast underground aquifer system are in danger from oil and gas fracking.

Over the last few years, everyday Floridians have stood up, fought back, and defeated multiple efforts to introduce fracking to our state. Momentum has shifted thanks to fracking being a major issue in the 2016 election. The fact is, 2017 may be our best opportunity yet to advance a statewide fracking ban.

Add your voice to the voices of Floridians saying it's time to end fracking by signing the letter to the Florida Legislature below.

Letter To The Florida Legislature

We the undersigned urge you to ban the unsafe oil and gas extraction process known as fracking in Florida by passing HB 451/SB 442.

There are many environmental and public health concerns linked to fracking. More than 1,000 cases of water contamination have been documented near areas of fracking as well as sensory, respiratory, and neurological problems. Gas that is leaked during the fracking process, along with the numerous toxic chemicals that are used, creates air and water pollution that increases global warming and is a danger to human health.

The last thing Florida needs, with our delicate ecology and vast underground aquifer system, is fracking.

We urge you to pass HB 451/SB 442 and ban fracking statewide in the 2017 legislative session.

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