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Write Sen. Rubio: Vote Against The GOP Health Care Plan

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    Subject: Dangerously close to law

    The Republican health care plan is dangerously close to becoming law. Whether you’ve contacted Sen. Rubio or not about this terrible proposal, now is the time.

    Join me and write Sen. Rubio today and urge him to oppose the secretive and likely dangerous Republican health care plan:

    Last month, Republicans in the House of Representatives passed their version of a health care plan. It was a disastrous bill: making 23 million Americans uninsured; allowing insurance companies to deny coverage due to preexisting conditions gutting Medicaid for children, the elderly, and the poor; and endangering Medicare for seniors.

    Unsurprisingly, the plan is extremely unpopular throughout the country. In response, Senate Republicans have put together a small group of senators who have been putting their version of the House GOP’s plan completely in secret. That’s right: no committee meetings, no hearings, no press. However, you can be sure the insurance industry and their lobbyists do know what’s going on.

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    The Republican health care plan introduced in the US Senate would be a disaster for Florida: millions more uninsured, skyrocketing premiums, and Medicaid (primarily used by children and seniors) gutted. The Senate's version was developed in secret with no committee meetings or hearings. It's cruel, backwards, and heartless, and it doesn't deserve anyone's support. To add insult to injury, the deep cuts to Medicaid are essentially being used to pay for a new tax cut for the very wealthy.

    Write Sen. Rubio today and urge him to oppose the dangerous and destructive Republican health care plan.

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