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Write Your Legislators: Vote No on Fracking Bills

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    Subject: Keep fracking out of Florida

    Two dirty and dangerous fracking bills are rapidly advancing in the legislature. We need to let our legislators know the best way to protect Florida’s water is to ban fracking, not accommodate it.

    Write your representative today and urge them to oppose two dangerous fracking bills. Tell them Florida needs to ban fracking altogether.

    Here’s what both of these bad bills would do:

    HB 1205/SB 1468 would pave the way for further fracking in Florida by creating a narrow set of regulations. This bill would also ban local governments from trying to either regulate or ban fracking on their own.

    HB 1209/SB 1582 would prevent Floridians from knowing what kind of chemicals are being used in the fracking process by creating a public records exemption.

    The reality is fracking is already a dirty, dangerous, and wasteful process that harms our water. Furthermore, allowing this practice in Florida’s sensitive karst geology would potentially cause enormous problems for our drinking water. Our legislators need to understand that without clean water, little else matters.

    Write your representative and tell them to oppose these dangerous fracking bills and to support a statewide ban on fracking.

    Florida is the Sunshine State, and we should be working to set strong renewable energy standards and invest in the future. Oil and gas drilling represent a polluted past that we should be quickly moving away from. With the threat of climate change already upon us, now is the time to change direction.

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    Write a letter to your legislators below. We encourage you to customize your letter with your own views and experiences on the need to stop fracking in Florida.