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Write Your Legislators: Fully Fund Amendment 1

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    Subject: An "insult" to Florida voters

    Arrogant. Deceitful. Insulting. These would be a few words (among others) to describe how the Florida Legislature is implementing the Amendment 1. This measure to purchase sensitive land for conservation and recreation was approved by 75% of Florida voters last November, receiving more votes than any other item on the ballot. So what is the legislature doing? The exact opposite of what voters just told them.

    Write your state legislators today: demand Amendment 1 funding be used as intended: for water and land conservation, not politicians’ pet projects.

    More than $720 million should be set aside this year for critical land conservation as a result of Amendment 1’s passage. This includes major priorities, like purchasing critical land south of Lake Okeechobee for Everglades restoration and water protection. The Florida Senate’s proposed budget has only allocated a pitiful $2 million, an amount less than pre-Amendment 1 levels. This breathtaking arrogance was correctly described by former U.S. Sen. Bob Graham as “an insult” to Florida voters.

    Instead of listening to the voters, legislators are appropriating funds not for land conservation but “items such as septic tanks, wastewater treatment plants and state agency operations that have been traditionally been funded with other revenue sources.”

    Take action now and tell your state legislators that you expect them to follow the Florida Constitution and fund water and land conservation as voters intended.

    Write your letter to legislators below. You can rewrite the letter below with your own views and experiences on the need to acknowledge the will of 75% of Florida voters, follow the state constitution, and fully fund Amendment 1.