Protect our Florida daughters. Their health info is private.

In Florida, student athletes are required to reveal private health information on student health forms required by the Florida High School Athletics Association Board of Directors to play sports. This information includes details on their menstrual cycle – which has nothing to do with overall well-being or athletics.

Information like this should be kept between the athlete and their doctor. Requiring students to document for government officials this private health information could carry grave consequences. Since entering a post-Roe era, anti-abortion politicians are criminalizing pregnancy outcomes which will lead to the prosecution of patients. Records, such as sports health forms could become easy targets for aggressive local prosecutors to use against someone who has ended a pregnancy. 

Take action here to tell the FHSAA to remove menstrual history and info from their student health form. Protect the privacy and dignity of Florida’s youth.

The electronic letter below will go directly to members of the Florida High School Athletics Association Board of Directors on your behalf. Feel free to edit this letter (optional):

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