Middle Class Champions

Thank Florida's 2016 Middle Class Champions

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    Subject: Thank Florida's Middle Class Champions!

    Florida has the wrong leaders running our state with the wrong priorities, leaders who routinely let obscene amounts of corporate campaign cash drown out the voices of hard working, middle class Floridians and working families. While there are a number of legislators who fight to protect and expand the middle class in Florida, there are a select few who voted the right way 100% of the time on the critical bills that impacted the middle class this past legislative session.

    Meet Florida's 2016 Middle Class Champions and join me in signing the thank you card to them for standing up for middle class Floridians:


    Florida's Middle Class Champions promoted a range of issues such as expanding access to health care, protecting civil liberties, public safety, and retirement security, stopping fracking, opposing political interference in women’s access to reproductive health care and a $192 million dollar corporate tax giveaway, standing up for our public schools, and more.

    As we continue the fight to protect and expand Florida's middle class, we should take time to thank these legislators who are courageously standing and fighting with us.


    Thanks for thanking those who stand up for us.

    Eighteen state legislators stood up for the interests of hard working middle class Floridians at every opportunity during the 2016 legislative session.

    Send a thank you note to the 18 Middle Class Champions using the simple form below. We encourage you to customize your letter.