Awake The State January 9th

Awake The State January 9th - Organize Your Event

Awake The State is a grassroots movement led by Floridians in their own communities. If you're ready to step up and organize an event in your area, we'll help you with tools and resources to help make your event a success.

Fill out the information requested below and we'll get in touch with you soon about organizing your event.

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      Event rules

      Here are the basic requirements for event hosts:

      Your responsibilities:

      • Set up a time and location for your event on Tuesday, March 7th.
      • Invite your friends, family, and organizations in your area to build awareness and turnout.
      • Talk to your local media.

      Our responsibilities:

      • Provide you with sample materials to help you promote your event.
      • Help connect you with allied organizations that may exist in your area.
      • Provide you with local press contacts.

      Next, we'll email you a link to confirm your event.