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Stop The Florida Legislature's Power Grab: No On HB 17

HB 17 is a massive power grab by the Florida Legislature that would prevent local government from protecting their communities. Specifically, the bill takes away the power of local government to pass rules and regulations affecting businesses in their area. Under HB 17, only a law passed by the Florida Legislature could grant a city or county the ability to enact a rule affecting local businesses. Any existing local laws affecting businesses would expire in 2020.

This means local protections for our land and water, local rules against wage theft, local ordinances protecting LGBT rights, and more are on the chopping block. Take action now and urge our state legislators to vote no on HB 17.

Letter To The Florida Legislature

We the undersigned urge you to vote no on HB 17, which neuters local government's ability to protect our environment, our safety, and our rights.

HB 17 takes away the power of local government to regulate businesses in their jurisdiction. In addition to ending local rules passed by locally elected officials against polluting fertilizers, wage theft, discrimination, and more, this legislation will effectively force the Florida Legislature to micromanage local government.

We oppose this unprecedented power grab and urge you to vote no on HB 17.

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