Take Action: Protect freedom of speech on college campuses

From the civil rights movement to women’s suffrage, from marriage equality to combating climate change, every societal advancement in modern history has strong ties to student activism on college campuses. Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to end that by defunding any organizations or programming that engages in political or social activism.

The broad rule defines Political or Social Activism as, “any activity organized with a purpose of effecting or preventing change to a government policy, action, or function, or any activity intended to achieve a desired result related to social issues”.

It even goes so far as to eliminate Sociology from general education courses.

This rule could strip funding and ultimately eliminate organizations or programs centered around LGBTQ+ equality, Black sororities and fraternities, campus Women’s Centers, campaigns against sexual violence, environmental groups, or the university itself from expressing a stance on social issues. 

Urge the Board of Governors to REJECT this broad rulemaking that infringes on the freedom of speech for students and removes critical curriculum. Feel free to personalize your letter for greater impact.

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