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Hold Florida Health Care Corporations Accountable

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Florida health care corporations, such as Florida Blue and the Florida Hospital Association, donate millions to anti-abortion politicians in Florida who are stripping away our reproductive freedom despite widespread public support for abortion access.

The Floridians for Reproductive Freedom coalition has dubbed these health care corporations as Abortion Injustice Inc. Join us in urging them to STOP funding anti-abortion politicians working to roll back our rights in Florida.

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The decision to get an abortion should be left to us as free individuals— not politicians, and certainly not the corporations claiming to care about health and wellness while bankrolling them.

It’s time for Florida Blue, United Health, and the Florida Hospital Association to stop lining the pockets of anti-abortion politicians and start actually listening to the Floridians they claim to serve. They need to know that public support is on the side of abortion access; send your email now to make your voice heard.

The electronic letter below will go directly to company executives at Florida Blue, United Health, and Florida Hospital Association on your behalf. Feel free to edit this letter (optional).

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